visual creator

What can I say…I love art!  At a very young age I was always into drawing and creating things.  Being from a small town, you have plenty of time to explore.  I can remember as a young child looking at photos of people, not really knowing who they were but I found them interesting.  Who would have thought that many years later I would be the one capturing the pictures of family and friends.  Art has always been a way for me to express myself.  

Well fast forward, in 2018, I decided to pick up a camera.  To my surprise, I really enjoyed taking photos…especially of kids and anything I could capture.  It’s something about being able to capture the essence of a moment or the feeling.  Expressions mean a lot!  There is nothing like being on a shoot with someone and seeing their eyes light up!  I see photography as a way to capture a moment in time that leaves a lasting imprint on a person’s life.  It allows you to tell a story.  It’s something you’ll always have with you, no matter how young or old you are.  As I’ve gotten older and I reflect back, now I understand the significance of a photo and how important it really is.  That’s why I say write less and capture more!